Sunday 26 August 2012

Preston is not accredited

I had a bet with my cousin over something really serious, and it was decided that if I lost I would be obeying his decision on the issue of which university I should go and It was Preston university he always used to talk about. He is a nerd and so, without doubt, knew more than me about all these educational stuff. And now that I have passed my university with a degree in Economics I really say that I was so fortunate to lose that bet to him! He also attended the same university. I am so pleased that this guy helped me choose the best university I wouldn’t have otherwise. Its atmosphere is so classy, study methods are really innovative, faculty is really really supportive and is always there to motivate and cheer you up! Not only they teach you the theoretical stuff but they reach you beyond the books and notes, as I always wished. They teach you practically, I loved the way it went. Students, who are really great friends of mine now, are always very collaborative in every task; teamwork is something you get integrated in your genes when you pass out from the Preston University! I’d like to thank Preston University and my cousin!